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Bit Of An Update; Chaptered Story; What's Going On With SA?!

Hello livejournal! Sorry for my short-lived-and-yet-so-very-detrimental-absence! Work has been a bit hustle-bustle and I've had no real time to do anything other than complain to my peers over cheap coffee about my supervisor, (who is a real bitch, by the way.) So, for a bit of an update, I'm here to inform you all that I'm still bitter and alive (Oh what a lovely mix) and I'm still managing to write and read a fair bit. Because of this, I have some things to be posted. Oh, ah, but... I just moved to a new apartment complex! Ah! The thrill of life! It would be more of a thrill if my ex-roomate hadn't kicked me out (Boyfriend troubles that ended up being directed onto me; I don't really care, she was a bit of a demanding haggard of a woman anywho) but I suppose one can't win them all! My new block is a bit more downtown, in a part that used to be urban but now is a bit more forgotten, so I'm absolutely pumped! All the little indie cafe's and bookstores and CD shops and resturants and boutiques are down here, and if any of you've caught on at all, I really love my indie culture. Also, there are some lovely Chinese exchange students that are rooming just down the hall, and there is nothing better to wake up to in the morning than a few really beautiful Chinese boys shouting at eachother in Mandarin. (Speaking of such, one of them talked to me. I don't know if he thought I could speak mandarin, but he was just spirting it off in my direction, so I mumbled a high-pitched 'Ni hao ma' and ran back into my room, completely forgetting about taking the garbage downstairs, which had been my original purpose.) In any case, because of the move, my computer and internet were both disconnected, and I just mustered up the courage to ask one of those aforementioned Chinese boys to help me hook it up, regardless of the fact that I could probably have figured it out on my own. He was nice enough, but, again, spoke absolutely no English. I got by on the small amount of Mandarin I'd learnt in highschool, though.

With this new apartment comes my new roomate, Jeana, who is a total sweetheart and I love her to painfully small, tiny, little bits. She had enough heart to let me stay until I worked out my life, and thus far, it looks as if I'll be staying for a while. Apparently she doesn't mind, but I forced her to let me pay half the rent. Rent rent rent~ Something I can't pay but am going to work my but off trying.

But no one cares about my actual life, right? Anyone stalking my journal just wants to read the DBSK fanfictions I pop out like a icecube machine. Well, here we are. I have to tell you of some things.

Firstly; JaeSu Three-Shot 'Spontaneous Action' What happened?
Um, nothing, really. I've got the second chapter written out and everything. I just haven't typed it up yet and so I am unable to post it, as it is not in pixel form and so does not compute. (Oh ho ho, Cillisian made a funny!) Again, I just got my computer (from the stone-age) hooked up again, so I will be typing it up whenever I get free time, which, thus far, I do not seem to possess very often. That saig, lets move onto the next little thing I have to tell you.

Secondly; Is Cillisian Writing A New Chapter Story?
To put it lightly... yes. Yes I am. I've finally decided I like a plot idea enough to write it out as a story. It's going to be bloody long, but, like the jackanape I am, I've already posted the forwards and prologue on I was offered this magnificent opportunity to enter it into a writing challege at ( but, I disgress, I don't see it being done in time. Anyone else should really look at entering, though! It seems like great fun.

So, yes. That has been my life thus far. I'll post the beginning of this chapter story soonish, but for now, I leave you with this. It's about two in the morning and the caffeen in my system is wearing down fast...

I shall be 'hitting the sack', so to speak, now. Good night, everyone!
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