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I Never Claimed Much Of Anything

You aren’t pretty and you aren’t smart.

True, but I tried to be for you.

You aren’t getting anywhere with your half-assed smiles.

But if I showed you how I really felt, would you still stick around?

You aren’t as original as you say you are.

Baby, your mistaken, as I’ve never claimed much of anything. Except you, of course, and even that was open to debate.

And debate they did.

Against it, for it; everyone had something else to say about our relationship; our relationship. They said everything they had no right to say, and that didn't help us. No, it'd didn't help at all. Starting off in a rocky relationship is never fun, but without the approval of family and friends, it's harder than usual.

You'd smile at me like it was something else, but I knew what was going on. You couldn't convince me otherwise.

They hate me and I know it; there's no use lying.

Though I did, to myself, for a while. Hoping that things would change; I was foolish, and the fool always gets what he deserves. And, in my case, I deserved a broken heart and the smell of vanilla colonge on my stained bed sheets.

I want to hate you.

But I love you too much to.

Sometimes I wish things were differen't, but I can't change what happened, and I can't change those horrible things I said to you, however untrue they were.

And I can't change my heart, nor can I the beats that rivot it for you.

Today would have been our two year anniversary, had be stayed together; had we endured it. Had you not decided you wanted to feel someone else between your legs, whispering your name breathily into your ear.

Fuck, I was always too faithful.
Tags: hate, love, mistakes, prose, rant, vanilla
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