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Hey There, Refraction (Poem)

I'm posting a poem again; Uh. Yes.

I hope you all know that the only reason I post poems is because I'm running out of pre-written drabbles and one shots to post, so I'm hoping to prolong it a bit. ..heh.

Hey there, distraction,
I hear your doing well.
But your a contraction
And nothing ends in hell.

They call you so pretty,
But it's not hard to spot the lie.
Its disgusting, the pity
For your ugly little life.

Your eyes are so hollow,
I can't deny your ill.
And what path you do follow,
Depends on your state of mind.

Hey there, refraction,
Your nothing without me.
Hideous, lacks attraction,
I hope you'll die in vain.

Revolting, you're vermin,
And that is not a lie.
Your death has no sermon,
As they all wished you would die.

Your talentless, your ugly,
Your life's a pointless hole.
Your nothing, below me,
And yet at the same level as I.

Your friend never loved you,
They stayed for they felt bad,
Felt sympathy to you,
Because your friendlessly clad.

They hate you, you know it,
But you pretend that you do not.
But I know you don't feel fit,
To ask of them anything.

Your fat and the protection,
That your father offers you,
Is to keep you in subjection,
For he knows not what to do.

To let you into society,
With all it's sick and cheap thrills,
To keep you priority,
And never let you out.

Hey there, Injection,
You favour me well.
It hurts for a fraction
Of a moment till it ends.

But you wouldn't, you coward
You wouldn't end your life.
Your pathetic, and sour,
And prolonging all this strife.

Because nobody likes you,
No-one wishes you well,
Except me, above you,
And still I wish you hell.

Hey there, convection,
I hope your doing great,
I hate you, reflection,
But that's opened to debate.

© Cillisian Thatcher/Diese Stifte/DesultorySpeech, May 14th, 2008.
Tags: hate, likes, poem, reflection, refraction, speech, ugly
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